Need a new roof?

When the time comes, you can rely on us for a great value new roof with the peace of mind that it is backed by a guarantee. That said, there is a chance that you might not need a new roof, well not yet anyway. The truth is there are a whole host of things that can cause a leak on a roof and not just the fact “you need a new roof”. It could be as simple as a slipped tile, or a problem in a lead valley or an issue with flashing. Perhaps some cement has degraded on the ridge. If that is the problem that needs addressing, thats what we’ll do for you. We’re not in the business of replacing perfectly good roofs.

If the time has come for a new roof, whether it’s ‘Nail Sick” or not economically viable for some other reason to repair, we will clearly explain the options and give you all of the expert and advice you need for a hassle free and stress free new roof.

Minimal disruption, maximum peace of mind.

We know it’s not an easy decision to make when it comes to having a new roof installed. The last thing you want is a load of disruption and mess all whilst paying for the privilege. That’s why we offer a complete hassle free service. From our free no obligation survey, to our simple to understand quote and our meticulous site maintenance when we are at your home, you can rest assured that you can go about your day , do what you need to do, and leave all of the hard work to us!

We just need you to pop out and admire your new roof when its done!