Slating & Tiling

We can offer full and partial re-roofing services at a great value.

We are specialists in Slate and Tile Roofing works and apply this to new builds, listed buildings, and heritage properties

Prior to any works, we carry out a full survey and at that time will make a full and transparent recommendation of works that will be backed by our workmanship guarantee.

We construct new roofs, conversions of flat roofs to pitched roofs, and offer full strip and re-cover services to private and commercial customers.


Residential Slating & Tiling

Whether you need to find the cause of a leak or are in need of a more obvious repair, you will be in good hands with us. We will carry out a full survey of the condition of your roof and make recommendations based on our findings.

Whether you need a traditioonal roof for your home, or a lighweight roof for a conservatory for instance, we will source the correct materials and install them with full reassurance that your roof will be in excellent shape when our works are complete. As experts, we don’t just look at the problem in isolation, we will also review the performance of your insulation, check for structural issues and inspect chimneys and guttering at the same time.

Why use us for your slating & tiling?

Whether you need one slate/tile repair or if a full reroof is needed on a listed building, our expert roofers are trained to work on any type of property. We will ensure that you get the roof that is best for your property at great value. Our work is completed to the highest standard possible, as well as complying with British Standards, and you will be using a reputable and insured company rather than a self-taught independent roofer with nowhere to turn if the project doesn’t turn out as expected.

Laying a slate or tiled roof isn’t as simple as it sounds. It requires skill, precision, and an understanding of the limitations and specifications of materials. When you invest in a roof provided by us you will get peace of mind and a roof that does its job for the maximum possible lifespan.