Roofing Repairs & Maintenance

Checking your roof is ok is more than just a look up….
It’s about checking the loft, interior ceilings, examining the roof covering, the valleys, gable ends, chimneys and the list goes on.  Some people may be tempted to have a quick look and see if they can spot the problem but the truth is, water travels and it may not be obvious, but there could be more than one problem area.

The best way to deal with problems, is to catch them ahead of time. Catch that mould patch before it becomes a sever leak. Catch that stain on the ceiling before it becomes an indoor shower. Let us take a look for you and you may just find out that you actually only need a simple, low cost repair.

For roofs of a certain age, it may be advisable to have them inspected periodically to address any small issues before they become unnecessarily expensive.

Don’t let that drip drain your bank account, let us take a look and save you some money today!

Roofing Reapirs
Roof Repair

Roofing Inspections

We will thoroughly inspect your roof for all signs of compromise. Whether that is stains on an interior ceiling that indicate water is seeping into your home, or whether we spot something mssing from roof on an external inspection. We will examine your roof carefully for lifted or loose tiles. We look for problematic moss, mold, worn or missing materials and a whole host of other problems apparent to the expert eye.

Your roof will receive a full inspection inside out, any problems will be identified and a cost effective plan to rectify any issues identitified will be supplied.